Craiglist power users!

Do you use Craig's list to find work, gigs, opportunities, Beanie Babies and other stuff?

Do you just give up on searching when faced with 290 cities to wade through?

I love Craigslist!

I am on it everyday, and I was spending hours just wading, sifting and searching only to find a few shiny nuggets I could use. And who has the time to search through all of those city pages? I would pick from the default selection on the right, and just visit those pages. Who knew there were hundreds more? So I wrote this utility to go through all 290 cities and look for me. Then all of the results come back to me, with links and descriptions. Now I can use Craigslist more sensibly, and more efficiently.

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290 Cities? Are you a comic? A writer? A cameraman or a gaffer? How about an actor or a model? Not all gigs are in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. There are plenty of opportunities all over the country. And people are looking for you on Craigslist.

You need some help in finding them.

Looking for cool stuff?

Collectables, hard to find concert tickets, that 1962 Sunbeam convertable.
You can click on each of the 290 cities and search each category, one by one for 40 days and 40 can use Craig's SaleMaster!

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